Delicious Dishes From Local Sportsman

Be sure to check out two new Cook & the Comic episodes featuring a local angler and hunter.

On 'A Fish Story,' guest and master fisherman Richard Parrick stops by the kitchen to join David and Chef Gordon in preparing three tasty fish dishes.

Chef Gordon and Richard discuss the different types of fish that can be caught and purchased locally, as well as share some of their best tips for preparing and cooking delicious fish. Richard then tests his skills against Gordon to see who can cook the tastiest dish.

On 'Kill'n & Grill'n,' guest and avid hunter Mike Jacob provides different types of wild game for Gordon and David to grill up gourmet style!

Chef Gordon and Mike discuss the different types of animals that can be hunted locally, along with the preparation and care that goes into responsible hunting. They also share their best tips for dressing and cooking delicious game meat dishes like Elk Burgers and Goose Kale Salad.

You can The Cook & the Comic anytime, anywhere on your favorite mobile, now streaming. Or tune it to Whidbey Local Ch 501 or find Cook & the Comic with the TV On Demand menu under "Local Content."

Martha Ford