Bringing Whidbey moments to life.

There are many unique moments and stories happening each day on Whidbey. We're out capturing and sharing these important mileposts in our community.

Discover Earth Sanctuary

Have ever explored Whidbey Island's own Earth Sanctuary? Founder Chuck Pettis created a sculpture garden of sacred spaces within 72 acres of nature preserve. "It's all about love, it's about kindness, it's about safety and spirit." Hear the story of how Earth Sanctuary came to be and learn how Chuck is working towards restoring this land to mature old growth forest, while also holding it as a sacred space for anyone that visits.

Bayview Corner Street Dance – Krash Zen

Krash Zen is a groove-oriented band that writes all original material with sound influences ranging from funk, to reggae, to rock. Rachman Ross, Levi Burkle and Stephan Ross light it up with their original tunes.

Curious Islander: Birding by Ear with Frances Wood

Walk and talk with local songbird expert, Frances Wood, and learn how to identify our Whidbey birds not just by sight, but also be ear. Special thank you to Frances Wood, the Whidbey Audubon Society and Craig Johnson for sharing some of his incredible bird images, sounds and video clips for us to use in this piece.

Bayview Corner Street Dance | Western Heroes

Island Beach Access

Whidbey's beautiful beaches can be a challenge to reach. Island Beach Access is making it possible for more people to enjoy our sandy shores. To learn more, visit

It’s a Foodie Thing Promo

Coming soon to WhidbeyTV: It's a Foodie Thing. Explore the local flavor with this short series, highlighting our amazing chefs here on Whidbey.

Facing Climate Change with Kathleen Dean Moore

"We have to imagine a better way." Last month we joined the Greening Congregations Collaborative for their Climate Change talk with speaker, writer and moral philosopher, Kathleen Dean Moore. The time is now.

Our Whidbey Veterans: Frank Burns

Whidbey local, Mr. Frank Burns shares his experiences during WWII from witnessing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to liberating the Dachau concentration camp.

Salmon Release

Last month, South Whidbey 5th Graders released Coho Salmon Fry, that they had raised themselves, into Maxwelton Creek. This program, led by Whidbey Watershed Stewards, is in its 4th year of mentoring young "Salmon Ambassadors" to monitor and care for juvenile salmon, in hopes to restore our local salmon population. Cumulating this fall, when they hope to have the first salmon swim back upstream!

Rags, Rubbish & Refuse at Bayview Cash Corner Store

In honor of Whidbey Earth & Ocean Month, 15 local artists are showcasing their art work made entirely from recycled, repurposed materials. On view now at Goosefoot's Cash Corner Store at Bayview.

Whidbey Island Rocks Promo #2

The wait is almost over! Whidbey Island Rocks feature is coming soon to WhidbeyTV Channel 501, OnDemand and

Cyc'd with John Moritz Ep 1 Promo

He takes hidden treasures and turns them into whimsical works of art. Watch Cyc'd with John Moritz, Episode 1 is now available on WhidbeyTV Channel 501, OnDemand and streaming anytime at

Dance of Hope at South Whidbey High School

Presented by Whidbey Island Center for the Arts and brought to you by Whidbey Telecom, is this beautiful performance connecting Ugandan youth dance and music troupe, Dance of Hope, with local Whidbey musicians. Dance of Hope travels the globe to raise awareness and improve the way of life for children in need. This performance is the culmination of Dance of Hope's 5 day residency at South Whidbey High School, working with the South Whidbey Jazz Band and Marimba Ensemble.

Whidbey Island Rocks Promo

Whidbey Island Rocks has taken the island by storm! This group spreads love and joy by painting rocks with unique designs and hiding them around the island, for others to find and enjoy. WhidbeyTV Productions is hosting our very own Rock Painting Party! Learn more about the event here ( and stay tuned for the full video.

Through a Child's Eye

Previously on view at Goosefoot's Bayview Cash Corner Store: an exhibition presented by Whidbey Island Waldorf School Photographers.

Cyc'd with John Moritz Promo

Keep an eye out for our latest series, Cyc’d with John Moritz! John reimagines refuse and builds whimsical art out of repurposed “junk” materials in his workshop here on South Whidbey. Coming soon to, WhidbeyTV Channel 501 and OnDemand.

Barn, Judith Adams

Local poet, Judith Adams, performs her original piece in front of a historic barn on Whidbey. 

Whidbey's Cloudstone Sculpture Park

Coming soon to WhidbeyTV! Join us as we explore the magic that is Cloudstone Sculpture Preserve. We wander through 15 acres of sculptor Hank Nelson’s work and enjoy over 200 sculptures ranging from giant steel fabrications and acre-size earth works, to sinuous granite, marble, and lapis lazuli carvings. Learn more about Cloudstone and how you can visit at

Whidbey Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Whidbey Audubon Society is gearing up to participate in the longest-running citizen science project, the 117th annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Begun in 1900, the data from this snapshot of the birds of America has helped scientists provide vital information about the status of different species. This year's Bird Count is on December 30th, 2017. To learn how you can participate and help with the count, please contact Govinda Rosling -

Curious Islander: Curious Creatures Promo

Did you know that you can see bioluminescence right from Whidbey's beaches? Or that 200 American White Pelicans recently and mysteriously decided to call Whidbey their summer home? Have you ever met our octopus neighbors just offshore? Join us in this episode of Curious Islander, as we explore the rarely seen, and more unusual, but none the less fascinating creatures (and algae) sharing our shores. Featured in this episode are Marine Biologist Dr. Kirt Onthank of Walla Walla University and his Youtube Channel Octopodium, Frances Wood (pelicans), and Rick Baker of Whidbey Watershed Stewards.

Good Cheer

"It's about coming together as a community and finding your place in the circle." Hear from Karen Korbelik about the amazing work that the Good Cheer Food Bank & Thrift Stores on this week's #SeasonofGiving short.

Holiday House

On this week's #SeasonofGiving feature, we're highlighting the amazing folks at the Readiness To Learn Foundation, who have set up their annual Holiday House at the South Whidbey Community Center, in what was formerly the Langley Middle School. This wonderful project is designed to ensure every child has a chance to experience the joy of the season. Learn more, make an appointment for your family, or sign-up to volunteer at

The Giving Tree

The season of giving is upon us, which means Goosefoot's Giving Tree is now up at Bayview Cash Store and Island Athletic Club. This beautiful tree is bursting with handcrafted ornaments from your favorite local non-profits. Choose an ornament to bring home and proceeds go directly to the non-profit that made them. Win-win!

Catch an all new Curious Islander episode, coming soon to WhidbeyTV! Explore Whidbey's shores in a sea kayak, with host Kendra Lyons.

DIY Holiday Decor with Venture Out Nursery

Don't want to spend tons of time or money on your holiday decor? Eric Studebaker from Venture Out Nursery walks us through festive arrangements that are easy to make and long lasting – with some greenery that might even be right in your backyard!

Aldermarsh featuring Chloe Goodchild

Explore the grounds of Aldermarsh on Whidbey Island and meet musician and author Chloe Goodchild. Chloe performs and talks about how music effects her life and how she is sharing that positive effect.

Curious Islander Promo: Canopy Tree Climb

Join Curious Islander host, Kendra Lyons, and the WhidbeyTV Productions crew as they canopy climb to new heights in Deception Pass State Park for the first episode of Season 2. They'll experience Whidbey from a whole new perspective, atop of a 500 year old 200 ft Douglas Fir Tree with Leo from AdventureTerra. Watch the full episode on WhidbeyTV Channel 501, OnDemand or streaming anytime at

South Whidbey High School Fall Sports

Relive all of your favorite SWHS Fall Sports moments on WhidbeyTV Channel 501, On Demand or streaming anytime at!

Whidbey Songscope: Bekah Zachritz

Local musician, Bekah Zachritz performs her original song "Home on Your Shore" at the Langley Marina. Watch all of the Whidbey Songscope epidoes on WhidbeyTV Channel 501, OnDemand or streaming anywhere at

Garden Tips | Pollinator Plants

Eric Studebaker from Venture Out Nursery showcases wonderful plants that provide food for pollinators year around. Add these gorgeous blooms to your landscape while also helping our essential pollinators!

American White Pelicans Visit Whidbey

Join Curious Islander host Kendra Lyons and expert birder Frances Wood as they head out to deer lagoon to observe and learn more about some exciting new neighbors – 200 American White Pelicans! These pelicans are visiting Whidbey for the second summer ever recorded! Stay tuned for the full episode of Curious Islander, coming soon to WhidbeyTV.

Community Music on WhidbeyTV

WhidbeyTV has local music covered. Tune in anytime on Channel 501, OnDemand or streaming at

A Place Inside

Local Whidbey Poet, Judith Adams, performs once of her pieces from the middle of the woods.

Selfie Booth at the 2017 Whidbey Island Fair

Whidbey Telecom's selfie booth was the place to be seen at the 2017 Whidbey Island Fair! These are some of our favorite snap shots from this year – looking good, Whidbey!

2014 Whidbey Island Fair Montage

Relive moments from the 2014 Whidbey Island Fair in preparation for this year's extravaganza!

Schooner Suva

Built in 1925 for Whidbey Island resident Frank Pratt, the awe inspiring Schooner Suva is a local gem that's helping Coupeville restore it's maritime heritage and is bringing the community together. Here's a sneak peak at the story coming soon to WhidbeyTV and!

All About Roses with Venture Out Nursery

Eric from Venture Out Nursery gives island specific tips for choosing, planting and caring for roses!

Langley Second Street Market

It's that time of year when the Langley market is in full swing every Friday afternoon. From food to floral and everything in between, it’s the ideal farmer’s market to to kick off the weekend!

Be At Peace

Continuing in the long tradition of women singing to the ill and dying, the Whidbey Island Threshold Singers bring compassionate presence, love, and music to people experiencing the end of life transition on Whidbey Island.

Youth Led Climate Art Project

SWHS students led the Climate Art Project with performances at Goosefoot’s Bayview Cash Store. Performances included original songs, written word, and sketches on the issue of climate change…very talented, powerful, and moving.

Crow's Nest Press

Meet Marq Dean of Crow’s Nest Press, an arts-centered letterpress studio on Whidbey Island. Hear about Marq's preservation of these time honored tools and techniques, as well as the unique history of letterpress printing.

Container Gardening with Maureen Murphy

Bayview Farm & Garden owner, Maureen Murphy, walks you through the thrill, fill and spill to make your own colorful container garden. Think bright colors, texture and beauty all summer.

WOW! Stories 2017 - Jenny Goff

The Ocean Inside - A spoken word performance piece by Jenny Goff, with a touching description of her journey into parenthood.

WOW! Stories - Echo Chamber

Who has a more vested interest in our planet's future than our youth? The Climate Art Project, led by South Whidbey High School students, works to spread awareness about climate change through sketches, poems, songs, and other original performance pieces.

Garden Tips with Eric Studebaker

Deer eating your plants? Local gardening expert Eric Studebaker guides you through a variety of deer resistant plants that will add some character to your lawn and are easy to maintain.

Glass Art with Fritz Dreisbach

Curious Islander host Sarah Boin discusses glass art, the science behind it, and the fascinating origins of the American studio glass movement from local glassblowing legend Fritz Dreisbach.

Positive Energy

Despite its meteorological shortcomings, the Pacific Northwest is a bright spot for solar power. Many individuals and organizations offset their power use with this free resource.

Whidbey Open Water Swimmers

Open water swimming presents unique challenges over swimming in a pool. Here from the Whidbey Open Water Swimmers about why they find swimming in the lakes or surrounding waters of South Whidbey to be a delightful experience.

A Conversation On Choice with Theo Wells

Feminist, critical thinker, and writer Theodora “Theo” Wells chose to end her life on February 12, 2017 at age 90. We sat down with Theo prior to her passing to have candid conversation about her choice and the issues involved around patient assisted suicide.

VR Has Landed In Langley

Virtual Reality is here and it will soon be mainstream. We’re fortunate to have an example of what’s possible right here on Whidbey. Ethan Worthington of Console Killer Tech has set up a high quality Virtual Reality rig in Tim Leonard’s pinball arcade, Machine SHOP in Langley.

Women's March in Langley

Organizers anticipated 50-100 demonstrators for the Women's March on January 21, but instead they saw more than 1200 men, women, and children participate. Hear why they chose to march.

Keeping Our Beaches Clean

Whidbey ECO Network volunteers keep our beaches clean and keep harmful debris out of our marine habitat.Whidbey ECO Network volunteers keep our beaches clean and keep harmful debris out of our marine habitat.

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Marine mammals are a cherished part of our community. Sometimes these wonderful animals wash up on the beach or may appear in distress. Learn why marine mammals become stranded on the beach and what to do (and what not to do) if you find one.

Talking Social Change

Compassionate and life-affirming changes have the most enduring impact in our society. Author Stephen A. Schwartz and Social Activist Rick Ingrasci discuss social change, current challenges, and the ways we deal with them.

Whidbey Watershed Stewards

Through actions big and small, Whidbey Watershed Stewards work toward providing a healthier, more resilient place to live where our children will be able to swim in the water, eat the shellfish, and fish for salmon.

Thriving Communities Conference: Water and Community

Water is a vital life-giving substance for people and ecosystems. Each of us is touched by challenges to clean, safe water and we can do something about it!

Slow Food: A Bite of Home

Slow Food Whidbey Island is dedicated to educating the palate, connecting the community, and exploring the celebration of food from farm to table.

Preparing for Disaster: Earthquakes on Whidbey Island

Earthquakes strike suddenly and without warning. This workshop, from South Whidbey Fire Chief Rusty Palmer, explains what the specific dangers are to Whidbey Island and what you can do to be prepared.

Whidbey Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Whidbey Audubon Society participates in the longest-running citizen science project, the Audubon Christmas Bird Count. This snapshot provides vital information about the status of different species.

Pausing To Examine Old Growth Trees

Insightful discussion on the closure of South Whidbey State Park to campers. Robert Fimbel of the State Parks & Rec Commission describes the issues facing many of the old growth trees around the park.

Life Lessons with Paul Schell

Community Builder, Former Seattle Mayor, Visionary and Langley Resident, Paul Schell's life was full of immeasurable lessons for us all.