Event Coverage Request Form

As a Whidbey Telecom service to our beloved community, WhidbeyTV Productions occasionally captures video coverage of local events.  These events are shared on WTV channel 501 and/or WhidbeyTV.com.

If you are interested in event coverage, please complete this form at least two weeks prior to your event.  Please note that this is only a REQUEST and submission does not guarantee coverage of an event.  

If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us:
(360) 321-6988

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Will there be any other supplemental projected visuals (i.e. video, stills, slides etc.) or audio (i.e. music, sound files played back) as a part of this event?
Will there be any copyrighted content performed, displayed, screened or played at this event?
Whidbey Telecom Credit *
Event coverage is a community service provided by Whidbey Telecom. To cover your event, we ask that credit to Whidbey Telecom be incorporated into the event somehow. How will you credit Whidbey Telecom's coverage of your event? Check all that apply.